„Less is more “

 We are part of a very goal oriented society in which more is considered better. We are consistently working towards something. We probably all had the feeling of not being enough.

Besides it being a beautiful late summer month, September comes with a lot of to do’s and that “not being or doing enough” is constantly being fed.

We are trying to get done what has piled up over the summer, getting back into a routine and suddenly we rush from one thing to the next trying to do more and more.

What if more is not better?

During your yoga practice, experiment with that notion of less is more and honouring where you need to go in your practice – in a slow yin style or in a more dynamic flow.

Instead of working towards a certain pose or feeling, loosing the present moment and our breath. Let’s soften into our practice, keeping connected to the breath and giving our body the time and space it needs.

Without expectations and without goal, just simply enjoying the fact that we are able to come to the mat. In that space of softness, of maybe less, our body very possibly will give us more then we ever thought possible.

Not only on our mat, but also off, giving our loved ones and ourselves the permission to not have to do it all. Giving ourselves time and space to breath and notice what really is important.

Honouring our needs – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – without that feeling of not doing or being enough.

By doing less we may notice how we gain something.

I look forward seeing you on the mat and exploring what less is more means to you.

Sat Nam

Andrina Tisi

ATHAYOGA Inspiration of the Month | September 2016


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    Brilliant, Andrina

    Go on and throu!
    Thank you.


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