Cleanse – Fasting Week

Rebecca Robinson

CLEANSE AND DETOX – Get ready for the Summer!

Remove old toxins, anger and create a new inner organization.

Fasting is a yogic tradition and an institution that dates back to the 12th century. Fasting is a celebration and a completely natural-healing therapy and essential for our lives due to daily overrides of stress and hectic disorder. Fasting is a devotional process and an internal purification that raises awareness and discipline.

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson was born and raised in North America. After traveling to Switzerland 25 years ago due to her job she fell in love with the nature and mountains and culture in Europe. 18 years ago Rebecca began to practice YOGA during her pregnancy with her second child! Through years of discipline and passion it grew into a devotion of daily life!

Rebecca became a Bikram Yoga instructor that then developed into a deeper awareness of creativity through Kundalini yoga! She is certified with the 3HO (healthly, happy and holy organization) Kundalini Yoga instructor TT1 AND TT2. She travels to INDIA every year to live in the ashram from PARMATH NIKETAN in RISHIKESH INDIA and continues to practice ASHTANGA YOGA as well.

Rebecca is currently a mother of 3 children. She is engaged in teaching children and adults meditation and yoga at ATHAYOGA.

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The workshop will be held in English and German.

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