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Giulia Heart

Meeting with the Heart with Giulia

Wonderful 5 days we spent together! It has been such a beautiful time and an amazing Workshop!

Words can’t express the gratitude and joy I feel in my heart right now! What a wonderful encounter, full of Love, Laugh and Happiness! A beautiful family time! Thank You dear Giulia, Ilaria & Marco for this experience, thank you for being with us! We miss you all already..the house feels empty without you now…See you all very soon in Puglia!

With Love C.

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Yogaferien Wanna

athayoga Mini Retreat, St. Antönien

How the retreat was? Amazing! Funny, Sunny, Relaxed, Grounded, Connected, Lovely, Refreshing! Just beautiful! Thank You to YOU all for sharing such a great time and energy with us! We feel so happy and thankful! ♥

„Om tare tuttare

Ture swaha

Om tare tuttare

Ture Swaha“ – OM

More Pics: http://on.fb.me/1eLkgKw