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2nd S.Y.C. Warm-Up

One more Time – Wow, Zurich!
Zurich we rock! ❤️
Our 2nd SYC Warm Up Event in the middle of our beautiful City at Bürkliplatz and again 100 Yogi(ni)s joined us! :-) THANK YOU!

We are READY for the Swiss Conference. Just one week to go! We are all very excited! Continue Reading…

1th S.Y.C. Warm-Up

* * * Flashback * * *

Next Warm Up – SAVE THE DATE:
Friday, 27th of May 2016 | 18h30 – 19h30

Wowwww! We still speechless and extremly HAPPY!

What an amazing Swiss Conference – Warm Up Event it was. Thank You Everyone for coming!
Our 1st Warm Up Event in the middle of our beautiful City and 110 Yogi(ni)s joined us!
Zurich you rock!

Thank you Everyone for coming! Hope to see you all again on the 27th of May!


Bryan Kest

Bryan Kest in the house

Mr. Kest in the House! @bryan_kest you are such an inspiration! I love your talks about Yoga and your f**cking hard classes!  Thank You!

Swiss Yoga Conference

Swiss Yoga Conference – Warm Up


In den nächsten 3 Wochen werden wir uns für die Yoga Conference aufwärmen!
Die Swiss Yoga Conference offeriert 3 Yoga Lektionen in der Stadt Zürich. Save the Date and Stay tuned. Der Ort wird auf Facebook publiziert werden.


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Markus Henning Giess

Yin Yoga Immersion

“Buddhas Weg & Yin Yoga Immersion – eine Reise zu Dir selbst!” Danke, dass Du bei uns warst lieber Markus. Schön Dich bei uns im ATHAYOGA Studio zu haben. Es war ein schönes, spannendes & lernreiches Wochenende! Danke

Flowingdance meets Yoga

Flowingdance meets Yoga

Flowingdance meets Yoga
Yesterday a beautiful @flowingdance Evening @athayogazurich with the lovely Anne-Sophie!