Bryan Kest

Around 10 Years ago I had the opportunity to meet Bryan for the first time, the first time I took his class it was an amazing experience, I loved the way how he shared his life and Yoga with us, so natural, so real, so easy and powerful at the same time…since more then 5 years we are working together. I already had the honor to organize a Yoga Retreat in Italy with him and every year he comes and visit us in Zurich for Workshops and TT’s at ATHAYOGA.

Still after so many years I always get so inspired and fulfilled from his teachings. When I talk about Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga teachings – I always call it – The Real Thing! 

It is real, honest, funny, simple, powerful, caring…it is Life…it is Yoga.

Thank you dear Bryan for keeping it Real! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! We had one more time a wonderful week with you.

Love Carolina

Bryan Kest Masterclass Juni 2018