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Christiane May

Hatha Yoga | Hatha Yoga Flow

Hatha Yoga bezieht sich auf die physische Yoga-Praxis und ist im Westen der bekannteste Teil der Yogalehre. Für viele ist dies der erste Zugang zum Yoga Continue Reading…

doTERRA Essential Oils Workshop

doTERRA Essential Oils Workshop mit Carolina Fischer Waibel & Aylin Karadayi Continue Reading…

Christine May Workshop

Here are some beautiful pictures captured by the lovely Geraldine Le Blanc!
The Prana Flow Session “Body Prayer” yesterday afternoon was just magic. Full of light, full of energy.
Thank you dear Geraldine for your amazing work and for capturing those magic moments.
And thank again dear Christine May for the wonderful day and Workshops @ ATHAYOGA.

Milas Quote

Mila’s Quote of the Day

“I love getting older. my understand deepens. I can see what connects, I can weave stories of experience and apply them. I can integrate the lessons. things simply become more and more fascinating. Beauty reveals itself in thousands of forms.” Namas-woof  Continue Reading…

UDAYA Yoga Online Classes

4 von 12 Yoga Sessions mit mir sind gestern live gegangen!

Continue Reading…


We are so much looking forward to our upcoming Retreats this year – Don’t miss your chance to practice Yoga and recharge your energy in these special places in September in Rhodos Greece with Carolina!

Yogaferien Rhodos | 15. September bis 22. September 2018

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Yoga Engadin

1st quote of the year 2018

1st Sunset of the year!

“Be inspired by the beauty of nature! To live out amongst your dreams and let that beauty dance with your soul, knowing your are a part of something Brilliant!”

? Today, 1st of January 2018 #sunset #magic2018 #blissfulmoment