Stress is a Choice

„Busy is a choice, Stress is a Choice, Joy is a choice – choose wisely“

Dear ATHA Yogis, welcome to the WEEKEND!
Friday evening is the moment for a little self-reflection. Just taking a couple of minutes once you arrive at home, maybe with a cup of your favorite tea and thinking about the work week that is about to end can really help you letting go and starting the weekend with a clear head and a refreshed mind. It is essential to our mental well-being that we allow the time and space for things to be processed in order to make space for something new.

A couple of questions to ask yourself before heading into your weekend that will help you declutter and settle your mind:
– What did I learn this week?
– Was there a negative experience / difficulty? How did you manage the situation?
– What is a situation that always triggers stress for you? Is there a way to think about this situation differently?
– What was your favorite moment of the week?

After you have answered these question, consciously CHOOSE to let the neagtive go and to keep the positive in your heart. It is YOUR CHOICE how you feel, YOU have the power in every moment to decide what goes and what stays.
Hopefully this practice will help you to learn from whatever experiences you had this week and start YOUR well-deserved weekend with peace of mind.

With love,
your ATHAYOGA Team