“Life is balance between what we can control and what we cannot. Every day I am learning to live between effort and surrender, between holding on and letting go…” – Danielle Orner

The key to true inner peace and happiness is finding BALANCE in life – physically on your yoga mat but also within every aspect of our existence.

Finding balance is probably the most challenging task that life gives us, as in every minute we are facing decisions that require us to go into one or another direction:

Should I push myself more to achieve my goals or should I take a rest and go back to it another time? Should I hold on to dear memories even though they might be hurting me?

There is not a right or wrong answer or direction – there is just balance or imbalance in whatever we do, say and think. Once we find balance within ourself, body and mind, the outer world around us will be in a state of harmony. This is when we realize that no matter how small we are as individuals, each and every soul contributes to the delicate balance of all things in the universe.

Happy Tuesday Eve dear Yogis! Hopefully you had a great start into this week and are feeling balanced, serene and harmonious! And if you are not, remember: there is no happiness without sadness, no beginnings without endings and no light without shadow.

Picture by Carmen Elena Frey, our Assistant Administator on top of Faulhorn in the Bernese Alps – by the way it’s a great spot to see Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as spectacular sunsets!

With love,

your ATHAYOGA Team