wild thing


there is peaceful. there is wild. I am both at the same time – Sumi

It’s time to show your WILD side in today’s edition of ESSENTIAL YOGA POSITIONS!
This pose represents everything that we LOVED about the 2018 S.Y.C and that makes us even more excited for May 2019: it’s beautiful, unique, wild, free, a lot of fun and most of all: it changes your perspective!
Rarely do we have the chance to spend a weekend as fully packed of new and exciting experiences that make us laugh, smile and learn, more than at a SWISS YOGA CONFERENCE! Meeting new people opens our mind to new perspectives and the good vibes make you want to dance like no one is watching! 🙏🏻🤩
Thank you to the beautiful YOGINI and participant of the 2018 S.Y.C for this amazing photo – we hope to see you again next year! A big thank you too to Shane Iida-Klein – we are so excited to have you on board again!😍
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The WILD THING pose is one of those asanas that look so easy and effortless, but can actually be very challenging, as it requires a lot of flexibility in your spine, back, shoulders and legs, as well as a solid foundation of strength. It is best to approach this asana slowly and mindfully!

Wild Thing



In Sankrit, camatkara means miracle, or surprise and asana translates to posture – sometimes Camatkarasana is translated as „the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart“ – sounds quite dramatic doesn’t it?


1. Start in downward facing dog.
2. Start to lift the left leg towards the ceiling, letting your hip open, bending your knee.
3. Slowly start lowering your leg towards the right side of your body and towards the floor – this is also called „flipping the dog“.
4. While you lower your foot towards the mat, start lifting the left hand off the floor and let the weight of the body shift to the right hand and the outside of the right heel.
5. The right hand stays firmly grounded on the mat and engaged, just like in side plank pose. Bring the left leg back to place the ball of the left foot on the floor. Lower the left hand and stretch it backwards over your head.
6. Hold the pose for about 10 breaths, making sure to breathe deeply. Then repeat on the other side.


This elegant posture stimulates the anahata, also called heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center of love, compassion and universal kindness but also associated with confidence and peacefulness. By stimulating this chakra, wild thing will help you to open your heart, allowing it to GIVE and RECEIVE love! ❤️ Other mental benefits include clearing the mind of fearful thoughts and helping with feelings of depression as it is a natural mood and confidence booster. On a physical level, it promotes back and spine flexibility, which especially beneficial to people who are seated a lot. It further improves your sense of balance and can help to develop a good body-coordination in the three-dimensional space.
We wish you a wonderful day, full of opportunities to laugh and smile – STAY WILD at HEART and FREE-SPIRITED in your SOUL



your Swiss Yoga Conference and ATHAYOGA Zurich Team