„Self-control is strenght, right tought is mastery, calmness is power“ – James Allen

Namasté dear Yogis!
As we approach the NEW YEAR, you might have been thinking about CHANGE: ineffective and bad habits you would like to leave behind in the old year, but also about new and healthy habits or strengths you want to work on. You might wonder how to approach these personal goals in a holistic and sustainable way, that will yield long-lasting effects – because we all know that CHANGE doesn’t happen overnight. Oftentimes, by the beginning of February, those well-meant but not so well-implemented plans fail and we go back into our old ways of functioning…
So what is the SECRET of those people who seem to be able to CHANGE their habits, who stick to their plans and seem to have an almost endless amount of dedication and willpower? 💪
Check out this inspiring talk by Dr. Joe Dispenza and find out how MEDITATION and TAKING CONTROL of your OWN MIND and THOUGHTS can change your LIFE…! 🌟🧘‍♀️
If you know someone who could benefit from watching this video OR from having an open an honest conversation about life’s challenges and about how to taking back control over your body and mind – PLEASE SHARE this video and have an OPEN EAR for those who need it! Sharing is caring 💛
Have a beautiful Saturday evening
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