Do you feel the Winter-December Blues?
And you ask yourself how to Raise Your Vibration and Increase Your Energy?!
Here our recommendation: PLAY-FULNESS
Playfulness is evident in those who approach life with a light, fearless attitude. This attitude results from a basic understanding that we are perfectly okay and everything right now is perfectly okay too! We may or may not like certain qualities that we possess or situations at the moment BUT the practice of YOGA allows us to see among them our true nature. When you practice today and/or in the next couple of days have FUN with the postures, have FUN with your practice, RELAX and let your innate creative nature flow through your practice.
PLAYFUL is a combination word that includes PLAY and ABUNDANCE. There is an expansive feeling when we LET GO and indulge in abundance. Many themes can contain polarity-shining opposites such as effort and devotion, stability and freedom – one that gives in to the other and actually works together.