🙏MANTRA MEDITATION with Punnu Wasu 🙏
Allow Punnu’s beautiful voice to guide you on a deeply mystical journey with this Shanti Mantra Meditation.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots: man meaning “mind” or “to think” and trai meaning to “protect”, to “free from”, or “instrument/tool”. Therefore, mantras are tools to free the mind. Mantras are one of the most common objects used for meditation and one of the most powerful ones too. The practice of mantra meditation is found in many of the world’s wisdom traditions, and also in the practice of YOGA.

The Transformative Power of Sound!
Sound is vibration. All the cells in your body are vibrating. Everything in the universe is vibrating, and each has its own rhythm. Your thoughts and feelings are, vibrations in your body and your consciousness.
Sound patterns also affect the water in your body, your hormones, cognition, behavior and psychological well-being.
Your mind your psyche is a collection of patterns, each vibrating at its own peculiar frequency, speed and volume. What the mystics and yogis discovered is that by sustaining a particular sound vibration for a long time, the nature of the mind and body can be transformed.

This can be used to change your emotional states, like overcoming anxiety, soothing pain, uplifting your moods, etc. Or it can also be used to access deeper states of consciousness, control the mind and find more inner peace.

🥁 Any musician or filmmaker will tell you of the power that sound has to induce/evoke moods, thoughts and emotions. If listening to a song can change your mood and even help heal your body, imagine the power of programming a specific sound into your mind, by repeating it many times with care and attention! 😉


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