Focus of the Week: SANTOSHA


The virtue of contentment – die Tugend der Zufriedenheit

?ℎ? ??? ????, „???? ??????ℎ??? ????? ???? ?????, ?’?? ???? ?????.“ ?ℎ? ?????? ???? „???? ???? ?????, ??? ?ℎ?? ??????ℎ??? ???? ???? ???? ?????.”

When we stop making conditions, saying when something certain finally arrives, then we can start doing what we actually want.

When we make our emotional state dependent on something or someone outside ourselves, we put ourselves in a helpless and unhappy position, a position of no personal responsibility, a position of dependence.

Open your heart to what is here, to your own possibilities, without letting yourself be affected by fear of loss or doubt, without constantly making comparisons, without striving and longing. 

Experience your own wholeness in it and gain access to this always available inner peace.

Simply stay in the moment, rest in gratitude and joy.

The Practice of Gratitude! Let’s flood our hearts with sincere gratitude, thus protecting ourselves from our own and others’ judgements and remaining centred in the joy and fullness of our own lives.

Practice speaking without using the words “if and but”, practice unconditionality, you will feel free and content.

Become a master in self-reliance and meditate on this Japanese proverb:

“?? ?? ??? ?ℎ? ????? ?ℎ?? ???????? ???, ??? ??? ?ℎ? ??????? ?ℎ? ?????.”

We look forward to seeing you in the studios and/or at our outdoor classes next week!

Happy Sunday Evening dear Yogis!