Ānanda, आनन्द means bliss; the German language has the most beautiful term for this „Glückseligkeit“.

Ānanda is the highest state of the individual self and at the same time the pure, natural state of your being.
The outer world is a game of duality of suffering and pleasure. When you immerse yourself in meditation beyond thought, you feel yourself as bliss. Your mind will initially jump from one thought to the next, this part of your mind is always active, so do not focus your awareness on the thoughts but on the space between the thoughts.

Through regular practice, through regular immersion, the space becomes larger and larger and other areas of your mind are active. The access becomes easier and easier and this bliss radiates out of you and through you. This bliss exists of itself and is not conditioned by external objects. Meditation is a state of complete self-responsibility and surrender to the realisation of this bliss.

“There is no noise in the world. There is no peace in the Himalayas. Both are within you.” – Swami Satyananda