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Carolina Fischer

Focus of the Week 48

Backbends, the heart-opening āsanas.
Backbends are one of the main categories of āsana practice. They strengthen the back muscles, stretch the hip flexors, promote blood circulation, lift the spirits and activate a lot of prana/energy. Continue Reading…

Focus of the week 47

Focus of the Week 47

Seated Positions, easy access to āsanas; foundation for meditation.
Following the original definition of āsana (the comfortable and firm sitting posture), this week we focus on the sitting asanas. Continue Reading…

ATHAYOGA Gathering 2023

ATHAYOGA Gathering and Party Winter Edition 2022
We love our community, we love our team. We had such a great time yesterday! So much fun and great vibes! Continue Reading…

Schweizerhof Flims

Schweizerhof Yogawochen

Schweizerhof Yogawochen

Special Edition zur Badehaus & Yoga Raum Eröffnung
20. Januar bis 24. Januar 2023

Feiere mit uns die Einweihung des neuen Badehauses und Yogaraums im Hotel Schweizerhof, Flims. Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week 46

āsana आसन Posture and Poise
The term āsana originally stands for a sitting posture which, by definition from the Patañjali Yoga Sutras, should be „comfortable and stable“. Continue Reading…

Chris Chavez

A Weekend with Chris Chavez

The Power of ONE!
In this series of workshops we will navigate the practice and the power of The One Teaching: The True-Self!

Chris will support and guide you through an awesome array of intoxicating inversions, exhilarating arm balances, heart-pumping backbends, and mind-dissolving meditations! Continue Reading…

Inner Light

Focus of the Week 45

“We are all part of the same rainbow. We are all a reflection of each other. As unique and diverse as we are in our character and skills, the source of all creation is multidimensional.” Continue Reading…