Camel Pose


We are back with the first ESSENTIAL YOGA POSITION in the new year and are starting with a deeply heart opening posture today that opens you up physically and mentally to making space for love, light and new experiences to enter your life. Camel Pose, as many other backbends can be challenging not just physically, as they require a lot of flexibility, but also emotionally. They make us become aware of our vulnerability that we tend to shy away from to keep our guards up at all times. However just like a camel journeying through the wild dunes and winds of a desert, this posture requires endurance and stamina, but also a deep commitment to inner awareness and the willingness to facing the vulnerable parts of the self. You can think of this posture like a journey, rather than a destination: the path might be challenging in many, sometimes unexpected ways, but once you made it across your inner desert to the beautiful and lush oasis on the other side, you will realize that it’s worth the efforts 🧡

🐪 NAME: Camel

🐪 SANSKRIT: उष्ट्रासन or Ustrasana

🐪 MEANING: Ustrasana name comes from the Sanskrit words उष्ट्रासन ustra, meaning camel and आसन asana meaning posture.

🐪 BENEFITS: Camel pose is very beneficial for your posture, as it helps to increase spinal flexibility and opens your chest and shoulder area. It has been said to help stimulating the nervous system and improve blood circulation throughout the body, as well as acting as a natural aid to digestion.
On en emotional level, this asana is directly linked to your heart Chakra, called Anahata. When we practice backbends like Ustrasana, we open this energy center that lets the life force prana flow freely through our hearts and into our bodies, spreading love and a sense compassion.

🐪VARIATIONS: to start your journey across the desert that is camel pose, you can place one hand on the back of your feet while reaching for the sky with the other one until you feel steady and comfortable to take it to the full expression of the pose – the journey is the destination!

What benefits have you experienced in your camel practice, either on a physical, mental or emotional level? We would love hear about your personal thoughts on this special pose in the comments below!

We wish you a happy and joyful camel practice that will lead your way to your inner OASIS – or in case of Carolina Fischer right to the BEACH! 🤩 beautiful memories of our Tarifa Kite Surf and Yoga Retreat ☀️

with LOVE 💗