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Carolina Fischer

Focus of the Week 48

Backbends, the heart-opening āsanas.
Backbends are one of the main categories of āsana practice. They strengthen the back muscles, stretch the hip flexors, promote blood circulation, lift the spirits and activate a lot of prana/energy. Continue Reading…

Focus of the week 47

Focus of the Week 47

Seated Positions, easy access to āsanas; foundation for meditation.
Following the original definition of āsana (the comfortable and firm sitting posture), this week we focus on the sitting asanas. Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week 46

āsana आसन Posture and Poise
The term āsana originally stands for a sitting posture which, by definition from the Patañjali Yoga Sutras, should be „comfortable and stable“. Continue Reading…

Inner Light

Focus of the Week 45

“We are all part of the same rainbow. We are all a reflection of each other. As unique and diverse as we are in our character and skills, the source of all creation is multidimensional.” Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week 44

Mokṣa मोक्ष

Mokṣa is the highest goal of a human life. Mokṣa is a key concept in Yoga, where it is a state of awakening, liberation and freedom in this life. Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week 43

Nāda Yoga is the Yoga of sound. Nāda Yoga is a metaphysical aspect of Yoga.
The practice of Nāda Yoga is based on the deep knowledge of the effect of sound on man and nature, Continue Reading…

Carolina Spanda

Focus of the Week 41

“As we Expand and Contract our bodies in our physical Yoga practice, be clear in what you want to Expand and Contract off the mat in the beautiful vibration of your lives.”
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Sunset metta

Focus of the Week 40

Metta ist ein Begriff, der mit “Wohlwollen”, “liebevoll”, “Freundschaft” oder “Freundlichkeit” übersetzt werden kann.
Und zu diesem Fokus möchten wir Euch diese schöne kurze Geschichte als Inspiration mit auf den Weg geben. Diesmal auf Deutsch…

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Focus of the Week 39

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique!…Keep the channel open!” – M. Graham

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Love Shanti

Focus of the Week 37

Śāntih शान्ति
Śāntih can be described as tranquillity of mind, in the sense of inner peace, blessings and well-being. The resting of the senses, passions and impulses.
A peace that can be no longer disturbed by external influences. Continue Reading…

Yoga Studio

Focus of the Week 34

ATHAYOGA  (Atha Yoga Anuśānam) अथ योगानुशासनम्
??? ?? ?ℎ? ???? ???????, ??????ℎ??? ???? ?? ???ℎ?? ?????? ?? ???????????. ??ℎ? Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week 30: Asteya

Focus of the Week 26

ASTEYA अस्तेय
“When you realize that everything that you need lies within you and that the source of all intelligence, power, strength, love, happiness, and peace lies within you, when there is nothing outside to look for, asteya naturally starts to manifest. This sense of self-reliance, inner richness, and resourcefulness is the practice of asteya.” – Yogi Amrit Desai Continue Reading…

Focus of the Week

Focus of the Week 24

Dear Yogis as already announced in our stories:
We would like to complement our offer with a WEEKLY FOCUS and let the topics flow into the ATHAYOGA classes.
To integrate yoga into life off the mat, we offer you insight into the philosophy and system of yoga. Continue Reading…