Emma Henry

„May all beings be free of fear and harm, may we all be happy just the way we are, may we all be at peace with whatever comes, and may we all rest gently in the softness of our own hearts“

We have VERY EXCITING NEWS for you today – in MARCH 2019 we have the honor to welcome Emma Henry in Zollikon for a weekend of JIVAMUKTI YOGA.During the course of two days, Emma will take you on a journey into our heart chakras as well as a profound introduction to the wise teachings of the Yoga Sutra teachings that help us to purify, simplify and letting go of unhappiness to enter a state of grace and compassion🌟

🌟On Friday, the 22nd of March the workshop focuses on the EFFORTLESS EFFORT – on a physical level you will practice devotional backbends to open your heart chakra. This will allow you on an emotional and spiritual level to release past feelings, forgive those who have hurt you and to be ready to give and receive unconditional love.

🌟On Saturday, the 23rd of March it is all about discovering the wisdom of the PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS. You will learn how the ancient teachings on ethics, lifestyle, pranayama and meditation can be integrated into your daily life and yoga practice. During a asana sequence that include different inversions you will be taking a close look on the disturbances of your minds that may prevent you from living to our full potential and to subsequently gently letting them go in a finishing meditation.

In her work as a teacher EMMA HENRY combines her background in martial arts and dance with the profound knowledge she attained through her studies of yogic texts and the education in Jivamukti and Asthtanga Yoga. Her goal is to create a space for fellow yoginis to feel inspired, nurtured and uplifted.


🌟WHEN: Friday, 22nd of March from 6.30 PM to 20.30 PM
Saturday, 23rd of March from 10.30 AM to 13.00 PM

🌟GOOD TO KNOW: you can book the workshops separately or attend both classes with our special package offer!

All information and registration is on our website:


We are looking forward to sharing this transformative weekend of Jivamukti Yoga with you!

With Love 💛