Inspired Presence

The English word inspire is related to the word spirit, and it has multiple meanings. For example it can mean to breath in, or bring the spirit in. Each breath intimately connects with life. Each breath can be a celebration, a sacred ceremony, an inspiration.

Can you explain how your life, any life, comes to exist? What is the source, the purpose? Well luckily we don`t have to put the answer in words. Maybe we can answer non-verbally.

Life is only present, isn`t it?  How can we experience being truly present, not distracted by desires or worries about future or past concerns? Well, our breath is always only present, and we have a pretty intimate connection to our breath? Have you inquired there? Perhaps we can find that breath inspires us with presence itself.

Are you present now?

Our breath is powerful. We can speak, sing, hum, sigh, laugh, shout, whistle, and be silent. There is meaning enough without words. Silence is golden, so is sound.

The most renowned mantra in the yoga tradition is the syllable, औम् (OM). Sometimes translated as primordial sound, or inner sound. OM can mean many things, a prayer of gratitude, a song of joy, an offering. It is entirely personal and unique for each person.

Sound is the product of inspiration, or is it the source? What does your breath mean to you, what is its purpose? What is sound?
The English word SOUND can mean some vibration that you hear, and also it can mean a great body of water (e.g. Puget Sound). Similarly, the Sanskrit word for sound, नाद (nAda), can be translated as sound, or roaring.  Spelled slightly differently with short a instead of long A, नद (nada), can be translated as a great river, or the roarer!

Listen for that primordial sound.

Happy roaring.
-Karl Straub