Flexibility is an important aspect of yoga, but there is so much more that we can be working on than „just“ the flexibility of our joints and muscles! Keeping our mind and spirit open to new ideas and experiences is an essential quality helping us to deal with the unexpected surprises that are a part of life. As life around us in moving at an incredibly quick pace it requires us to constantly adapt ourselves to new situations. Twisting and binding yoga asanas like Lord of the Fishes are the perfect way to train both the physical and mental flexibility in a holistic way

The organization of a big event like the Swiss Yoga Conference is a good example for situation that challenges us to keeping an open mindset – so you can imagine the SYC team has been doing the lord of the fishes pose a lot lately😉

👉🏻GOOD NEWS for you YOGIS: as we will go online with the details of this years programm (including the class shedule) by the end of January, we decided to extend the EARLY BIRD offer until the 31.01.2019! 🤩 In the meanwhile you can check out our website and get inspired by all the amazing teachers and guests that are awating you this year!! 😎 Don’t miss the chance and save 15% off the regular price:


🐠NAME: Lord of the Fishes Pose or seated spinal twist

🐠SANSKRIT: मत्स्येन्द्रासन or Matsyendrāsana

🐠MEANING: The name is a combination of the Sanskrit words परिपूर्ण meaning perfection and मत्स्येन्द् (Matsvendra), who was one of the founders of HATHA YOGA – also called the “lord of the fishes“.

🐠HOW TO: Start in staff pose and ensure that both of your sitting bones are equally grounded on the mat and that your spine is fully upright. On an inhale, bend your right knee and on the exhale, bend the left knee and cross it over your right leg. Then place the left foot outside of the right thigh and make sure that neither hip lifts off of the ground. Inhale deeply and extend your right arm towards the ceiling while placing the left hand behind your back. To go deeper into this spinal twist, exhale and press your right arm outside of the left thigh. Hold the asana for 5 to 10 breaths, deepening the twist only as you exhale. Be mindful not to collapse in the upper and lower back. Release and repeat on the other side.

🐠 BENEFITS: On a physical level, this position is especially beneficial for your digestion, as it stimulates the blood flow in your digestive tract and thus helps maintain a healthy and happy stomach. On an energetic level this pose is associated with the Sacral Charka. When we keep this chakra in a harmonious balance it acts as a source of creativity and helps us to go with the flow, adapting to change within ourselves and the outside world.

🐠 VARIATIONS: Ardha Matsyendrāsana is a good way to start before going into the full version. For this variation, you simply keep the leg opposite to the side you are twisting to extended in the mat.

Thank you to Chris Chavez for your amazing work with our dear yogis – we are so happy to have you on board again for this year’s conference! 🙏🏻

with LOVE from Zurich 💙

your Swiss Yoga Conference and ATHAYOGA Zurich TEAM