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You have never practiced yoga, or you want to rediscover yoga for yourself?

Feel free to contact us at office@athayoga.ch with any questions or for more information.

Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions, maybe you can find some answers here.

Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga. Our teachers will also help you and give you tips on how to practice the exercises best for you. Yoga is not a competition. In yoga you always win! Of course you need some patience and willingness, as well as a certain regularity to see the first successes. Everyone practices within his or her own possibilities and limits, with the goal of constantly moving forward one step at a time. Give yourself time to get to know the body exercises and the lessons in peace and pay attention to the reactions of your body. The awareness of breathing is the most beautiful thing about yoga. Breathe in consciously and out consciously – breathe yourself happy. Very important: with a smile on your face the energy flows much easier.

There are special yoga course offerings for every age and respective mental & physical abilities.

Bring comfortable stretchy clothes (leggings, training pants, T-shirt). It is important that your clothes allow you good freedom of movement and that you feel comfortable in them. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

Please register online for the yoga classes so that you are sure to have a spot for your mat and can check in quickly and easily on site. The number of participants in the studios is limited.

Some classes at ATHAYOGA can be attended without yoga knowledge. You can find an overview of all classes in our online schedule, which also provides information on yoga styles and teachers. A useful introduction to yoga is offered by our two-hour beginners’ workshops. They give you the opportunity to get a taste of the world of yoga. As a yoga newcomer, you do not need to pre-register to attend the classes. You are also welcome to book a private yoga class to help you get started.

You can buy single lessons or subscriptions online with your credit card or directly in our studios with EC or credit card (Mastercard, VISA). We have a cashless administration, which is why only card payments are possible.

Mats and props are at your disposal, but for hygienic reasons we recommend that you bring your own yoga mat. Shower gel and lotion are available for all our yogis. In order to approach the yoga class calmly and collectedly, please come to the studio about 15 minutes before the lesson starts. You can change comfortably in our dressing room. Showers are available in the studio in Zurich.

Exercise and relaxation are an important part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Many health insurance companies therefore support your personal commitment and contribute to your health promotion costs such as yoga. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt/copy of the invoice for your subscription, which you can submit to your health insurance company as part of the agreed benefits. If you have physical complaints, please contact your doctor or physiotherapist first.

We offer yoga classes that are specifically suitable for pregnant women. Previous experience is not required. In these classes, the emphasis is on adapted yoga postures and gentle stretching that promote body awareness, as well as awareness of deep breathing. Those who have had yoga experience prior to pregnancy may pursue regular practice for as long as woman feels comfortable. During the first 3 months of pregnancy it is recommended not to practice yoga.

Reservations for yoga classes can be cancelled online via the reservation system or via the app up to 2 hours before the start of the class. Cancellations by phone or mail cannot be considered.

If you are unable to attend a workshop or training, you always have the option of finding a replacement. This under written notification by mail, stating the name/first name and email address of the replacement person.

The exact handling of cancellations you can read in detail in our terms and conditions.


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