Ronald Steiner

It’s time to turn back time and have a look at some of the most memorable HIGHLIGHTS the ATHAYOGA COMMUNITY has already experienced together in the last couple of years!
Do you remember the amazing ASHTANGA WORKSHOPS with Ronald Steiner at ATHAYOGA Zurich a couple of years ago? It was an equally challenging and inspiring experience, where students got a deeper insight into the ALIGNMENT of THE LIVING SPIRIT – the harmonious adjustment of body, mind and soul.
Ashtanga pioneer and expert Dr. Ronald Steiner is one of the few Yogis in the WOLRD who masters the THIRD SERIES and is authorized in the traditional way by the great Indian YOGIC MASTERS, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S Iyengar themselves. With the AYI method, Ronald developed a unique style of yoga that links YOGATHERAPY with traditional ASHTANGA YOGA with the aim of brining body and mind into a state of balance.

He is currently based in Ulm, Germany, BUT WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU  Ronald Steiner will be coming toATHAYOGA next year and we are looking forward to welcoming THE EXPERT of ASHTANGA YOGA again in our Studio!

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Have a great day dear Yogis! We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Zurich and Zollikon