Dear Yogis
Sundays are for relaxing, resting and recharging for the week ahead. It is important, on an off the mat, that we take good care of our bodies and souls. Today we would like to introduce you to a yoga position that represents an easy Sunday like no other asana: EASY POSE or Sukhasana.

NAME: Sukahsana – EASY POSE

SANSKRIT: सुखासन

MEANING: The name originates in Sanskrit language – „sukha“ translates literally to „joyfulness“ or „light“, „comfortable“ and „asana“ to pose. The name already implicates what this pose is all about: sitting in the present moment with ease, joy and a feeling of lightness.


  1.  Come into Staff Pose, then cross your shins, widen your knees, and slip each foot beneath the opposite knee as you bend your knees and fold the legs in toward your torso. Relax your feet so the outer edges rest on the floor and the inner arches come to lie just below the opposite shin. When you look down towards your feet, they should form the shape of a triangle with its three sides formed by the two thighs and the crossed shins.
  2. You may rest your hands in your lap, palms up, or lay them upon your knees with the palms down or you can hold your hands in a mudra of your choice.
  3. Make sure you sit upright with your back muscles slightly engaged and avoid arching your back.
  4. When you practice this position regularly, ensure that you switch the cross of your legs sometimes.

VARIATIONS: Although they look similar, Sukhasana is not to be confused with Lotus pose/Padmasana. However, if you wish, you can deepen Easy Pose you can do so by coming into Half-Lotus or Full-Lotus Pose.

BENEFITS: This pose is known to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind while helping us to feel more grounded and connected to our sources of strength and energy. On a physical level it is very beneficial for your posture and knee joints.

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