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Mala Workshop

Beautiful Creative Day @ ATHAYOGA

Like Albert Einstein use to say: “Creativity is intelligence having fun!”

Amazing work dear Yogi(ni)s. Beautiful creation! Thank you all for coming. We wish you all a lot of joy with your new Malas.

Next Malaworkshop 8. Oktober 2017

Groovy Kids Ausbildung

Happening Right Now @ ATHAYOGA Zollikon GROOVY KIDS Teacher Training Looking forward to a Groovy Weekend with our dear friend and amazing Yoga Teacher Greville Henwood!

Next Groovy Kids Teacher Training in November 2017!

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Mala Workshop

Junior Creative Day

Heute @ athayoga zollikon: Junior Creative Day mit Olivia & Carolina.
Was für ein wunderschöner Tag und ein wunderschöner athayoga Abschluss Workshop fürs 2015!
Yoga, Singen, Malas, Fun & More

Mala Workshop