Mila and the Doga Sutras: 

1. Don’t judge
2. Don’t hate
3. Love unconditionally
4. Live in the moment
5. Never feel guilty for taking naps
6. Be humble
7. Listen
8. Say you’re sorry and forgive easily (including yourself)
9. Comfort those who need it
10. Wag your tail at everyone

11. Show your true feeling & be with them
12. Put your loved ones before yourself
13. Protect your family
14. Have a walk, it is the most exciting thing in the world
15. Stop, take a break and smell the flowers, the grass, the bushes, the street, everything and love it!
16. Feel the connection to mother Earth. Feel the connection to God.

– Your friend always Mila

Mila the Yoga Dog

Mila erzählt…

Ich belle also bin ich. 
Ich durfte mit Mom in eine Yogastunde gehen. 
Hast Du meine Doga Sutras gelesen? 😉