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Welcome back dear Yogis to another Essential Yoga Asana – today we focus on a position that is part of almost any HATHA YOGA CLASS you will ever take! And there are good reasons for that, as it is a well-accessible but very beneficial posture that should be practiced regularly for maximum benefits.


NAME: Triangle Pose
SANSKRIT: Trikonasana or त्रिकोणासन
pronounced: trik-oh-NAH-sə-nah

MEANING: literally translated as triangle (trikona) pose (asana), as easy as it gets!


This position is always practiced facing once the left and once the right side, to ensure an even stretch of both sides of the body. To come into the posture, set your feet one leg lenght apart on your mat with your knees straight. The back foot is parallel to the short edge of your mat, while the front foot is parallel to the long edge. Make sure your hips are in line with the heels. Spread your arms wide on either side or your body, like a bird spreads its wings – keeping them parallel to the floor at first. The palms face down towards your mat. Slowly start reaching your front arm towards the wall in front of you, extending your torso as much as you can before placing your front hand in the inside of your front foot, the ankle, the shin or the mat. You can use a block placed next to your front foot to assist you. Turn your back arm into a vertical extension towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for several breaths and then come back up the same way you went into the pose.


According to Iyengar this asana provides the perfect combination of opening, streching and strengthening of your body, particularly the side-torso, hips and legs. However there are also many psychological benefits of this geometrical pose. Because once your body is in perfect triangle alignment, your mind is challenged to get into alignment too – most of the time this is the most difficult and the most beneficial part of the practice.

VARIATIONS: extended triangle pose: utthita trikonasana, bound triangle pose: baddah trikonasana or parivratta trikonasana: revolved triangle pose

Thank you to our dear teacher Paula Tobal for this gorgeous photo!
If you are interested to learn more about HER YOGA PRACTICE and CLASSES, check out her page on our TEAM WEBSITE, where you can also find her weekly class schedule
Paula Tobal


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