TRX goes Yoga


Yoga goes TRX

Yoga goes TRX integrates elements of Yoga, Pilates and isometrics. This practice builds strength, improves balance and coordination, increases mobility, develops dynamic postural control to cultivate stress management mechanisms.

What is Yoga goes TRX

Yoga goes TRX teaches you how to contract and fuel the right muscles to achieve a fuller expression of a yoga posture.  All of this combined with proper breathing creates a meditation in motion that clears your mind and allows the exploration of your true potential.

Our Yoga goes TRX classes allow you to come into poses not possible without the assistance of straps, playing with a mixture of challenging and easy movements to develop strength and stamina.
Bring some variety into your yoga practice and explore your body in a whole new way!

Level: suitable for all levels


Yoga goes TRX:
Monday 12h00 – 13h00
Friday 17h30 – 18h30



Gartenstrasse 14
8002 Zürich
Studio Infos

Holly Hoch

Holly Hoch

About Holly

Originally from California, Holly’s love for movement started with a background in dance. Coupling movement and rhythm she teaches a wide range of fitness courses including indoor cycling, barre, and TRX. As a lawyer in San Francisco, Holly developed her passion for teaching as a way to unwind from the stresses of corporate life. Looking to achieve balance in a safe space to reconnect mind and body, she turned to group classes to engage with both her community and herself.

Expect to be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone while being supported through your journey to the next level.

Holly teaches in English.

Yoga goes TRX

Yoga goes TRX