‘If you have a job you love you’ll never have to work again’

What a blessing it is to be able to get up in the morning and greet the day with a big smile, because you are truly enjoying the job you are doing; because it filles your heart with energy, rather than draining it!

After 4 days of intense work on set, on the mat and on camera our bodies may feel sore, our minds may feel tired but our hearts are overflowing with joy, happiness and deep gratitude!

Over the course of the last days we were shooting new and exiting yoga videos for Udaya Entertainment  it’s a weeklong program consisting of 10 yoga and meditation videos. every day of the week will be dedicated to a different aspect of the yogic practice: improving flexibility, heart opening or reconnecting to our connection to mother earth. these videos will guide you through the week – mentally, physically and emotionally!

A huge thank you to Udaya and the Nu Boyana Film Studios for having us at their filming studio, we feel proud and honored to be part of this family. Thank you for the incredible support of our ATHAYOGIS and everybody who contributed in their own way to making these days a truly memorable experience 🙏🏻

Videos will be online soon! Find out more on www.udaya.com

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