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When was the last time you treated yourself to some ME TIME, some time for SELF CARE and PAMPERING ? Taking time that is dedicated ONLY to yourself, treating yourself to a MASSAGE can do real wonders to a stressed mind and tired body. It might just be an hour or two but it has have long-lasting benefits. It’s an investment in yourself, your health and well-being.
At ATHAYOGA we are happy to offer you a variety of different massages, treatments and EVERYTHING you need to take the SPA right into your home: pure essential oils from doTERRA Essential Oils, handmade cosmetics by RINGANA and amazing natural food supplements from Ethno-Health .

Here is some great inspiration for your next WELLNESS DAY:

  1. Get a traditional MASSAGE or lymph drainage treatment (especially recommended for detoxification) with our knowledgeable specialist Michael Schulz
  2. Experience a state of pure bliss during an AYURVEDA massage with our therapist Steve Simonet
  3. Enjoy a relaxing bath with a few drops of a soothing of doTERRA Essential Oils
  4. Try on some new cremes RINGANA offers some amazing natural beauty supply that respects your skin
  5. Do a yoga session to get your blood flowing and prepare yourself a delicious post-yoga refuel shake with high-quality plant-based protein by Ethno-Health

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What do our YOGIS think about the MASSAGE they enjoyed with our therapists? Here are our favorite statements:

“I absolutely loved the warm oil that is used all over the body for the Ayurveda massage. It it so nourishing for the skin, especially as the weather gets colder outside and it smells so good!“

“the massage was wonderful, relaxing and exactly what I needed“

… but actually, no words are needed to describe that state of pure bliss after a great massage, we just need to look at the happy and smiling faces of anybody who comes out that therapy room! Thank you to our great therapists for your amazing work .