“Life is meant to be lived in eternal bliss, infinite freedom, unconditional love and unbounded awareness.”


What a beautiful open heart week. A week full of Yoga, Music, Awareness and Re-Connection! Such an amazing group, sharing beautiful moments and experiences! One more time thanks to the universe for bringing us all together to share, and to be open to live life to the fullest.
Thanks to Nora Kersten for your support, for Co-teaching the classes with me and bringing your shiny spirit on board! Thanks Roland Fischer for the great pictures and for your music and for playing the guitar for us! <3 And thanks to the Capitano Emin Aydın and the Crew for their amazing service, food, care and LOVE!

Missing you all! ATHAYOGA Ahoy! :-)

With Gratitude, Love and Light
Carolina Fischer Waibel

Ps. Save the Date – ATHAYOGA Cruise 2017:
1st Week 24th June – 1st July 2017
2nd Week 1st July – 8th July 2017

Pss. And do not forget: “I am the light of my soul, I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss, I am I am!“ :-))