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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga literally takes your yoga practice to the next level – floating on the ceiling in a sling. This offers you endless possibilities to rediscover your yoga. Letting go in weightlessness gives you deep peace and relaxation. Body and mind can really relax.


Experience yoga in a new dimension: Floating, weightless and free!

Aerial Yoga is a unique style of yoga practiced with the help of a cloth suspended from the ceiling, allowing for new discoveries of traditional yoga asanas, both in the air and on the ground. Aerial Yoga is a versatile workout that improves the body’s ability to move while strengthening muscles, thanks to the interaction with gravity. It is beneficial for the back and spine, which can be held effortlessly and for longer periods of time through inversion positions with the help of the sling.

Level: Suitable for all levels.


Aerial Yoga:
Monday & Wednesday
18h30 – 19h30
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Gartenstrasse 14
8002 Zürich
Studio Infos

Florie Astruc

Aerial Yoga Workshop

Your Flight Attendant for this class is Florie, who discovered aerial yoga in 2015 and hasn’t miss a chance to fly since then. Discover her joyful and sharp way of transmitting her passion.
Florie places great emphasis on bringing your own awareness and focus to the details and beauty of the journey, regardless of the destination. Her students describe her as enthusiastic and passionate, relaxed and flexible, but at the same time motivating and challenging enough to push her students to their limits in a playful way.

Aerial Yoga Workshop

Aerial Yoga Workshop