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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga literally takes your yoga practice to the next level – floating on the ceiling in a sling. This offers you endless possibilities to rediscover your yoga. Letting go in weightlessness gives you deep peace and relaxation. Body and mind can really relax.


Experience yoga in a new dimension: Floating, weightless and free!

Aerial Yoga is a unique style of yoga practiced with the help of a cloth suspended from the ceiling, allowing for new discoveries of traditional yoga asanas, both in the air and on the ground. Aerial Yoga is a versatile workout that improves the body’s ability to move while strengthening muscles, thanks to the interaction with gravity. It is beneficial for the back and spine, which can be held effortlessly and for longer periods of time through inversion positions with the help of the sling.

Level: Suitable for all levels. Prior experience or completion of our aerial beginners’ course is beneficial but not mandatory.


Aerial Yoga:
Monday 19h30 – 20h30
Wednesday 12h00 – 13h00
Wednesday 18h00 – 19h00

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Stacy Overbey

Stacy Overbey

Stacy teaches her lessons in English.

Sarune Semino

Sarune Semino

Sarune teaches her lessons in English and German.


Safety is the number one priority for our experienced teachers. The correct use of the silks is taught repeatedly in detail.

Through playful elements and challenging exercises, core stability is improved and the entire musculature is strengthened, creating a magical fusion between effort and ease, between strengthening and flexibility. Playful and acrobatic, Aerial Yoga literally takes you to the next level.

The lesson is energising, lifts your spirits and is rounded off with a relaxation part. Letting go in weightlessness gives you deep peace and relaxation. Body and mind come to rest.

The class ends with a gently swaying savasana (relaxation exercise).


For hygienic reasons and to protect the aerial silk, we ask you to take care of a few things:

– Wear a shirt that covers your armpits.
– Wear socks (preferably with non-slip soles).
– Avoid jogging trousers with zips.
– Avoid heavy make-up or perfume.
– Take off dangling jewelry.
– Avoid large hair clips.

Pay attention to the texture of your leggings – some are very slippery in contact with the silks and lack support.

For your wellbeing, we recommend that you do not eat for at least 2 hours before the class.

We can provide 10 aerial silks per course. If the course you want is already fully booked, put yourself on the waiting list.

If a place becomes available, you will receive a notification in the Eversports app (no email will be sent) – download the app and place it visibly, e.g. on the home screen of your smartphone, so that you can see the notification and get your place.